The gawky boy on the side

The ninja class
The ninja class

That’s me with the red belt – a 62 year old who should be at home knitting woolies for her grandkids. Fifty minutes of running around followed by learning new moves for throws and kicks. Everyone is remarkably patient with me.

My big takeaway was being settled in for “kamae“, the stance or posture you get into in preparation for a move. 

I had mistakenly thought I should be coiled and ready to spring but…


… it’s a state of awareness

In a neat metaphor for life, you need to be at ease as you prepare for a potentially sticky situation.

First, you will be smarter and more agile, if you are not tense.

Second, you want to concentrate every bit of your energy for the strike when it comes. You may only have one chance to knock the knife out of his hands, trip him up and give yourself time to run away.

Third, if you are tense you already start to escalate the situation – better not to put him on guard.

A great video of ichimonji no kamae in action.