Thanks for coming

I’m Bev

I love sports although my legs have lost their enthusiasm. I love to play and to read and to sing. I’m always on the verge of thinking I might make it, with a bit more oomph. But then I have too much to do.

I’m mother of two. My son was born to my best friend, Sally Mavor, who died of cancer. I adopted him while she was still around and he was twelve. He’s my favourite son. And I have a daughter.  And six grandchildren, three step-children, and a step-grand-daughter. 

Work is full-time. My partner and I write, consult, and run workshops. (For that we live here). I spend too much time worrying about who I am. And I overshare when I talk. Hence the blog. Maybe if I write instead, I’ll stop. 

I’m happy to connect, but not about work. Write to me here – btrayner @ mac . c**. Or leave me a message about things I should read – books or blogs.