I want

… to be

…… a micro-influencer


On a wide

… and diverse number

…… of people who may be micro-influencers


I’d like

… for unlikely people

…… to feel seen and heard


In even the tiniest of ways

… by who I am

…… and my journey through the world



I’m looking forward to a nice glass of wine later. I’ll probably drink two or three.

Funny thing was having a Doppler ultrasound on my heart today. I heard my heart beating and the doc got a good few pictures of it. I heard (again) that my aorta is stretched – not to worry about, but it’s to keep an eye on. 

It gets you thinking about tradeoffs … how many days (?) hours (?) minutes (?) am I prepared to trade for that glass of wine? Aorta v rush of pleasure.

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